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Your rights in case of study delay

1 April 2020

UTRECHT, 31th of March 2020 – The Corona crisis has as consequence that many internships, theses and exams cannot take place. Additionally, not all students have an ideal home situation and experience stress which may prevent them to complete their studies on time. All of this could cause students to unintentionally delay their studies. In some cases of study delay, a claim could be made to the so-called profiling fund.

Profiling fund

The profiling fund is a fund to which students who are enrolled at a higher education institution are entitled in the event of a delay in their studies. Next to this, also students which are active in participatory bodies, are part of study- and student association boards and top athletes often receive compensation from it. The procedure and rules for making a claim for compensation are, if applicable, laid down by higher education institutions in a profiling fund regulation or a similar document. The rules and procedures may therefore differ from one educational institution to another.

Report to your study advisor

The most important to-do is to report the special circumstances immediately to, for example, your study advisor, even if you are not yet experiencing study delay but are expected to do so. If the study delay actually occurs, you will often have to report this separately, differing from one educational institution to another. Additionally, it is important to keep some evidence that the study delay is actually caused by the circumstance surrounding Corona. Your institution will probably ask for this, because if there is clear no causal connection, a request for financial support may be refused.

Follow procedures

In addition, the Landelijk Studenten Rechtsbureau (LSR) advises to follow the procedures of your educational institution well. In case issues are not clear, seek contact with the educational institution in particular. Failure to follow the procedures properly may result in forfeiture of the right to compensation.

Study delay due to illness

In the opinion of the LSR, students who suffer a direct study delay due to the Corona virus, for example by becoming seriously ill themselves, family members who are seriously ill or who have to provide (extra) informal care, for example, can in any case make a claim to the profiling fund if they suffer a study delay as a result.

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