Door Loek Zanders op 11 maart 2014

Nuffic launches Pathfinder for international students

Tuesday morning, at the Nuffic Annual Conference, Pathfinder has been launched. Pathfinder is a webapplication for students, including relevant information on visa, insurance,  residential permits and grants. The application will be available on the websites of universities, universities of applied sciences and student organizations and includes relevant information for studentens who are willing to study or are studying in the Netherlands.

Every year approximately 80.000 students are studying in the Netherlands and many more see it as an option. The application holds relevant information of public governmental organisations like the IND, tax authorities, UWV and DUO. Pathfinder is a good example of how the Nuffic -together with other organizations in the higher education area- bundles, structures and offers the latest information available.

ISO, too, has put Pathfinder for international students on it’s website: you can find it here!